On The Professional Side

Current venture and initiatives

Systemic GrowthI am the co-founder and managing director of Systemic Growth, a consultancy specialising in realising the true potential of People and Technology. We will help you get the results that you want by providing solutions that mean that your business:

  • is seen to deliver value to your customers
  • work closer together, within the teams and with your customers
  • will become more strategic than reactive

The Next Gen IT is an initiative where we source  and nurture talent through mentorship and practical work experience. Our programme covers a diverse line of subjects, including practical day-to-day of how business functions, entrepreneurship and mindset innovation. We match members of the talent pool with a range suitable organisations who sponsors the programme (from small business owners to larger corporations).

This fills a gap in the current market place where talented people are overlooked because of either lack of experience or having introverted personalities. The sponsors have the opportunity of recruiting talent who have gained a broader work experience in a short space of time and a practical understanding of what working life in IT is about.

the future of IT NOW™

The Future of IT NOW is a platform for senior IT professionals to express what they see as possible and what needs to be considered for the future in technology.


My experience in translating technology to business value, through people and process began when PCs became popular in each home. I successfully set up and ran several outsourced international IT helpdesks in 1997.

I was headhunted to be part of the team within Cable & Wireless Communications business that rolled out the first Digital TV in UK in 2001 – converging internet and broadcast television technologies. Afterwards, I created the frameworks for supporting new technologies such as “enhanced TV” services for ntl: (now VirginMedia).

In 2007, I went on working for a software development company  to deliver a new support and operations service for applications hosted in the cloud.

Before setting up Systemic Growth, I was an integral member of the award-winning IT department at Ageas Insurance, responsible for their service delivery for Ageas UK and Tesco Underwriting.

So how could I help you professionally?

Some of the services I provide through my venture and initiatives are:

  • Project and Change management
  • IT governance frameworks (for audit, risk, compliance)
  • IT Service management
  • Performance coaching
  • Training
  • Events management
  • Networking and connections
  • Communication collateral
  • Research