My Story So Far

I lost weight. From 74kg to 62kg in one year.

I faced my fears of heights by abseiling from the tallest building in the south of UK.

I confronted my fear of rejection by doing a fund raiser for the first time (and achieving my set goal) as well as holding my first birthday party since I was 9 years old.

I stopped worrying about my child’s behaviour and how people were going to judge me as a mother.

I stopped snapping and judging people so harshly when things didn’t go as planned and as a result, people’s responses to me changed. My relationships changed.

I became more relaxed in my approach to myself and others, and as a consequence, I have been able to respond and live life more on my own terms than ever before. I am now not so exhausted from trying to control every aspect of my life (and others).

In 2017, I took the step to leave corporate life to start my own business. I understand now that I was holding myself back on my full potential.

I have compiled mine and others helpful tools, reviews and resources for personal development on

Part of personal growth is not just staying within the boundaries of one or two disciplines. I have a love for architecture, food, fitness, arts and photography.

Below are some of my artwork.